Bonnie Knight

Bonnie Knight is a female sound engineer based in Melbourne. She does both live mixing and recording. Bonnie is approachable and friendly, a great engineer for those feeling anxious!

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What was it about sound engineering that appealed to you? How did you get involved in sound engineering?

I have been around music since I was a child and tried a bunch of other jobs/studies before realising I should just study something related to what I was interested in. I studied Sound Production at RMIT not really having a focus in mind and then absolutely loved it and it felt like everything kinda clicked and it made sense I was doing that. My dad said “oh it makes sense … you used to love pressing record (when he was recording stuff) when you were little”.

Favourite aspects of sound engineering? 

It’s so amazing and great and happy-making that I get to work around music as a job. I still sort of don’t believe it some times. It’s lovely to work around most musicians and hear such a variety of music.

What types of bands are you interested in working with? 

I don’t really have a preference genre wise – I’ve always appreciated a spectrum of music. It is always nice and often less stressful to work with female, gnc and trans artists as cismales tend to question and undermine me and my opinion. I think it sort of works both ways too in that I hear this horror stories for instance a male sound engineer instructing my friend recently on how to turn her guitar amp on etc.

Top five dream artists/bands you’d love to work with? 

I’ve never really thought about that… I suppose it’s all people I know/people from Melbourne. There’s so many amazing/impressive/exciting acts here at the moment.

Any advice for people interested in sound engineering?

Strive to constantly learn new things… it’s not something you read a book on and then understand everything about – it’s an ongoing odyssey!