This is not a music blog.

We do not take submissions or review music.

We only feature artists we really love, hence everything we publish is positive.

Mai and Lei Gryffydd are the sole contributors to the Identical Records Publication, which is primarily focused on supporting LGBTQIA+, POC and women artists, not white cis men. 

This includes our Sound Engineer Directory and Technician Directory. 

LGBTQIA+, POC and women artists, sound engineers and technicians are welcome to contact us directly if they would like to featured. We are happy to help and support these artists. However, please be patient as we have limited time. We do not accept submissions for our sound engineer or technician directory from white cis heterosexual men. For the safety of our community, we only include allies who we personally trust and can confirm their good character.

Please do not add us to your industry mailing list or send us general promotional material (especially from those who are not LGBTQIA+, POC or women).

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Pictured: the talented songwriter and producer – Aseul