IR Compilation Number 1


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Identical Records Compilation One features fourteen Melbourne artists and was released on 7 November 2017. Purchase the limited edition cassette (with digital downloads) or digital album.

Track Listing

Side Bright

  1. Hood Team by Various Asses,
  2. Juice Hoops by Pillow Pro
  3. Not Ready by V
  4. Wet Blanket by Hi-Tec Emotions
  5. Jenny Holzer by GLOVV
  6. Rhea by Kt Spit
  7. I want to swim by Waterfall Person

Side Alight

  1. Butane by Bitumen
  2. Heat by Stationary Suns
  3. Shame by Wet Lips 
  4. Snacks by Pappy
  5. Sun by Qwerty
  6. 90s Hair by The Curse
  7. Sad Lover by Crop Top

*Identical Records have strong beliefs about artists being paid for their work. All proceeds from this cassette will be split evenly between the fourteen artists.

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