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This Valentine’s Day Crystal Myth are launching their first single, Saturn Returns. It is happening Wednesday 14 February at The Gasometer (upstairs) and joining them are two of Melbourne’s favourite couple bands, Longterm Romance and Cystic Nightmare.  Bring a date or find one there! This queer valentine’s day show is for everyone!

To celebrate, Longterm Romance have made this playlist with some of their favourite songs!

Early Woman - I’m a peach

Prior to LTR we were the rhythm section in Early Woman with then couple Bjenny Montero and Hannah Brooks. Hannah and Ben moved into the lounge room of our old house in Brunswick and we recorded this song, drinking wine, cooking roasts and basically not leaving the house for days. We are all slightly out of time / tune but the song really captures the rollercoaster of emotions that comes along with being in a double-date band. This clip we shot with Geoffrey O’Connor one balmy summer Melbourne night back in 2014.

Handsome family - Weightless Again

We love the sentiment of this song; that we are all (past and present) affected by the negatives of modern life. Years ago when I (Bobby) was a busker in Flinders Street Tunnel someone heard me singing this song, stopped and turned around to give me 50 dollars. It was kind of weird yet cool.

Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood

Tina and Chris are such a solid Rhythm section. We also started playing together as a rhythm section of bass and drums so we like this connection. Knowing each other so well can be an advantage in terms of locking into each other’s groove. It’s especially inspiring to watch the couple play as part of Talking Heads particularly on their legendary “Stop Making Sense” concert.

No Doubt - Don’t Speak

When this song came out I (Bobby) was 15 and had to hate it because it wasn’t “angry” and “punk.” I remember my much wiser friend pointing out the “sold out in USA” sticker on the album artwork, like the band were preemptively mocking us and our elitist attitudes. This started me questioning my black and white ideas about music at the time – particularly attitudes towards pop. It’s one of the ultimate true life inspired break-up songs with an awesome spanish guitar solo. Many years later it’s now, of course, one my favourites.

Smashing Pumpkins - Rocket

We love how smart the kids are in this film clip. Building a cute little rocket ship while the adults are ignoring them; getting old, boring and eating bbq. The kids have followed the Pumpkins transmission to reach the band in the end, but the laws of time and space mean the band are as old as the rolling stones by the time they get there.

ABBA - The winner takes it all

One of the best vocal performances ever by one of the best bands ever. We can’t imagine carrying on with LTR if we were to ever break up, let alone having the strength to sing about something so raw.

Womack and Womack - Teardrops

They are so effortless. This clip and vibe is what we wish all recording sessions were like.

The Fugees: Ready or Not

Their songs are personal and always stand for something bigger. All with great beats and catchy melodies. We particularly like this song because it features samples from another artist we love –  Enya. Ironically the clip was one of the first big budget 90’s hip hop clips (U.S $1.3M) and is pretty epic.

Crystal Myth - Moonstone

Crystal Myth are a great Melbourne act. When performing Dana and Kappa have such a genuine chemistry, both complementing and contrasting each other’s personalities. Their music is emotive and beautiful and we particularly love this song.  

Come see Longterm Romance play with Crystal Myth and Cystic Nightmare this Wednesday 14 February 2018 at The Gasometer (upstairs)!

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