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By Kalindy Williams

Heat Wave, one of our favourite duos, have kindly made a playlist for us!

They will be playing with GLOVV at Don’t Forget You’re Here Forever at the Old Bar on 21 January 2018. There will be 13 bands in total, including  Tragic Carpet, Lappland, Plastic, Overtime, Anti-Violet, Tina Growls, Cakefight, Hot to Rot, Way Shit, Taylah Carroll and Wax Cactus.

Entry is $10 for 13 bands and starts at 2 pm. Heat Wave will be playing at 7pm followed by GLOVV.

We hope that you enjoy this playlist as much as we have!

Lydia Lunch - Atomic Bongos

Lydia Lunch is one of my (Kalindy) favourite artist of all time and she was the first musician I had independently found myself (no influence from friends/ older siblings) and completely fell in love with.

Huggy Bear – Our Troubled Youth (split 12” w Bikini Kill)

This is a fave of both of ours. It’s one of the best records to ever be released and we wish there were more splits longer than the 5 minutes or so a 7” allows!
IR: We (Mai & Lei) agree that this is one of the best records ever! It is so amazing!

Swim Team – Positively Hopeless

Lazertits – Lil’ Sister

OK so another a split, but the matching videos are next level! These songs are soooo good, so catchy and made by such legends what’s not to like? Lil’ Sister is Kurt’s favourite song of 2017.

MOD CON – Do It Right Margo

This is also off a split 7” with Fair Maiden (who’s song is also incredible). Do It Right Margo is Kalindy’s favourite song from 2017 ! Each part of this songs could completely stand on its own, but when it’s together it’s the perfect track.

Piss Factory – The Day After the Night Before

From their first physical release, but just part of so many amazing songs that Scout writes. We love watching and playing with Piss Factory so much – this song is a great example of how great all three of them are and the production by Quinn Tee is so good!

The B-52’s – Give Me Back My Man

Oh wow it’s so impossible for us to choose our favourite B52’s song, we’re such big fans of theirs but this is one that a friend said reminded them of Heat Wave which is cute!

V – So Pure

It’s really hard to put into words how much we love V. We both feel genuinely moved by their music and performances. We could watch V every day and never ever get bored. Can’t wait for the new album to come out!

IR: We are very excited for V’s album too!!

Shrimpwitch – Egg Paranoia

We love Shrimpwitch! They’re so fun to see and their songs are so catchy, we find ourselves singing them all the time.

Gem Bones – Seeing Double Twice

Talking about catchy, have you seen Gem Bones? Oh wow every song is crazy catchy and you can’t help but tap along. They’ve recently stopped playing but we really want them to come back.

Nasho – Land Killa

We were really lucky to catch Nasho’s first show in Sydney in September and they were so good. They’ve just released a cassette and it’s super cool.

Thank you Kalindy and Kurt!

Come see Heat Wave and GLOVV perform with The Princes on 21 January 2018 at the old bar.

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