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Real Love are a Melbourne-based five piece who released their debut LP “Birds” in March this year. We have been really enjoying this release. It reminded us that we do really really love a good rock band.  This has catchy hooks, bratty vocals and entrancing drumming. They are currently recording their second album and we are excited to hear the results!!

We are lucky to have Real Love play a show we have organised with Hextape and Secret Stains. Come to the Grace Darling tonight and see this power band in action. In the meantime, read this lovely interview with the talented Janae and Liv from Real Love:

Tell us about Real Love? How did this project begin?

LIV: It began with a really bad band name about 2 years ago… we were “genuine penguin” (only for our first ever gig) and we didn’t have Dave and Janae in the band at that point so it wasn’t the little family it is now. Real Love is really fun to play in cos we push each other to just play random stuff and not be too precious!

JANAE: I was a latecomer to Real Love, but from our very first jam I could tell that this was a bunch of some real down-to-goodness people who just love each other a lot and make each other feel really connected and good about what they do! There is so much room in this band to explore and experiment, and that makes writing really fun!

What currently inspires you?

JANAE: Good people! And motivational quotes. There’s nothing like a real heart-felt three-worder to get you out of bed in the morning and make you do shit that feels good.

LIV: Currently feeling inspired by this cool painting I got in my room and also by working with Ev Morris at Phaedra studios last week on some solo stuff- they’ve really inspired me to believe in my own musical instincts more.

What do you love about music?

LIV: I love all the things!! I love that it is very therapeutic and healthy for me. I love recording in my shed, making friends through collaboration and I love understanding different perspectives on the world through other peoples’ music- that is a nice way to learn.

JANAE: One thing I really love about writing music is the stress of persisting to figure out how to play what is in your head, and being able to physically see the progress that happens from pushing your coordination. It feels good, like you’re doing something healthy for your brain that will help you out in your old age. I also just love seeing people on a stage or in an audience letting go and really enjoying themselves!

Have you ever had any supernatural experiences?

JANAE: I’ve had a few in my life, but none that I can be entirely conclusive on…
When I was a child I saw a fairy in my house with my Dad and sister. It was in the form of a pink floating bubble that would move away when you put your hand closer to it, and when my other sister came running and yelling down the hallway, it popped!

LIV: Many! Most of my unexplainable experiences I wouldn’t call supernatural they are more like past-life baggage.  I did see a UFO in Preston once!

What advice do you wish you had received when you started making music?

LIV: Your “limitations” are what will make you special and innovative.

JANAE: Don’t beat yourself up when you’re stumped for ideas in writing new stuff. It happens to literally everyone and it’s fine. Make music to experiment with your fleeting creative thoughts and make something that feels good to play, not just to create a product that is enjoyable to most people.

Do you have any suggestions for how we can improve the music scene in Melbourne in terms of inclusivity?

JANAE: I moved here when I was 18, and through playing in a couple bands over the last 2 years, I have learnt so much from the Melbourne music scene, and have seen many sides of it. When I first came here I found it quite intimidating to contribute to the social and political discussions happening around me, as I was not confident in my vocabulary… One way I think we could improve inclusivity in the music scene is by remaining aware of peoples’ different levels of education and understanding that academic language can be alienating at times.

Nurturing younger/less educated people is a really nice way to empower them and invite them to express themselves openly in such an inspiring community.

LIV: Firstly, thank you for everything Identical Records is doing! You’re one of a few organisations giving me a lot of hope for the future of Melbourne music!

I think there are a lot of things that need to improve.

There are too many white cis men controlling who plays shows in the most frequented north-side music venues and the everyday culture of a lot of these venues is very male and very white. It would be great to have more people of colour (in particular female, queer & gender non-conforming people of colour) being given the opportunity to book regular gigs at these venues- and being paid to do so! a lot of white musicians get thrown gig opportunities by a random guy from a band who is now booking shows and asking their mates to play. These opportunities need to be shared with every community in Melbourne way more regularly.

Plans for 2018?

JANAE: Keep improving on music; learn a new instrument; save some money to go on a sweet adventure; enrol to study something fascinating; see a shooting star.

LIV: Real Love is going record a second album, I’m finding friends to play in a new project of mine and also trying to find the best beetroot relish recipe in the world

Thank you Janae and Liv! We cannot wait to see Real Love play tonight and to hear the new album!

Come to the Grace Darling tonight and see these cuties with Hextape and Secret Stains! Free entry. Starts at 8 pm.

Poster by Mai Gryffydd.

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