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Songwriter and producer, Yukari released a beautiful pop album titled ‘Echo’ in 2012. Catchy, hypnotic and mesmerising, Echo is perfect for listening on repeat. In 2016, shortly after changing names to Aseul, she released another exquisite album, ‘New Pop’. This release is a departure from Echo’s idyllic dream pop, but is equally enthralling and impressive. Words cannot do justice to this music – simply listen for yourself.

We are elated to share our interview with this awe-inspiring musician:

In 2012, you released an amazing album titled “Echo” under the name Yukari. In 2016, the project was renamed Aseul and you released another great album, New Pop. What is the story of Yukari and Aseul? Are these two separate projects?

I used my nickname ‘Yukari’ because that was kind of a temporary project to me and I didn’t think about becoming a musician seriously when I made my first album ‘Echo’

I changed my stance for music after that album, then I thought I needed a new name ‘Aseul’ for new work. And I don’t have any plan for changing the name for my music now.

How did you start making music? Did you play a musical instrument growing up? What inspired you to start writing songs?

I’ve been playing piano since I was five years old, then learned to compose classical music and play jazz piano. Playing music felt like playing with friends and toys to me when I was young. My father isn’t a professional musician, but his talent with guitar and piano influenced me a lot. Since I was in high school, I developed an interest in jam sessions, playing jazz piano or humming along with the music. And at same time I started to lose interest in reading music notes and wanted to focus more improvisation. I don’t think it’s particularly interesting to replicate anything. That’s when I began creating my own music.

What do you love about music?


Favourite animal? Why?

Definitely koala! I love koala because they are so adorable. Also, the nickname ‘Yukari’ is from pronunciation of eucalyptus which is koala’s main food.

You are a very talented songwriter and producer. What is your song writing process?

It’s different each time. Sometimes lyrics are the first step to make music, sometimes I make beats or melodies first. These days, I begin to make sound and texture for a part in the song. For example, I picked some suitable materials after I made a snare tone first then build structure for music.

Who are some of your favourite musicians and artists?

Bill evans , bjork, grimes, cocteau twins.. There’s a lot. Mainly I have an interest for female singer-songwriters. I usually listen to music with woman vocals and it’s over 90% of the music I listen to.

Advice for other women wanting to make electronic music?

Don’t get tired, stay strong, don’t depend on others.

If you were a plant, what type would be you?

I think of myself like a weed on the ground but like a wild flower. It’s my favourite. It grows everywhere and nobody cares about it. But it could be special to someone who recognizes their beauty.

K-POP vs Underground?

It has lots of very glamorous and fabulous things to entertain the listener if you only focus on the K-pop scene. But I think it’s not the right side to me as a indi-musician. Here is too political to be alive, music work is undervalued with payment and hard to get thru it.

Aseul, thank you for answering our questions. It is an honour to have you on our website. We are excited to hear more of your impeccable pop music soon.

To purchase your copy of New Pop or New Pop together with the remastered version of ‘Echo’,  head to Aseul’s bandcamp.

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