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Don’t Forget That You’re Here Forever is a huge show at the Old Bar this Sunday 21 January 2018. There are thirteen bands playing – GLOVV, Heat Wave, Tragic CarpetLapplandWax Cactus, Hot To Rot, Tina Growls, Cakefight, Way Shit, Anti-VioletOvertime, Taylah Carroll, Plastic  and Hedonistoc pleasures.

One of the musicians we are looking forward to see perform at this event is the talented Melbourne based musician, Laura Saba. She will be playing drums in Tragic Carpet, though some may recognise her as the guitarist for Miss Miss. Read her insightful and entertaining interview:

Tell us about your music background?

 I started playing drums when I was around 14 and was lucky enough to get lessons in high school. I quickly decided I needed to know how to play all the parts of all my favourite songs so got a few bass lessons when I was 15 and started teaching myself guitar shortly after that.

I play guitar in Miss Miss which was my first proper band, but we’ve been inactive for a little while now. I’m currently playing drums in Tragic Carpet and we’re pretty fresh, only started up August last year. It’s really fun to be back on the drums and so exciting to be working with Oscar from Nun Of The Tongue, a band that I’ve really looked up to.

We love that you play BOTH guitar and drums! Mai and many others are envious of this skill. Any tips for a guitarist wanting to play drums? What’s it like being a multi- instrumentalist?

 I really enjoy writing and playing different instrument parts to tracks I’m working on, it really comes in handy. Drums seems to come pretty naturally to me but I find I often have a lot of trouble getting guitar parts down. I have a few friends that have started playing drums recently after only having played guitar and/or bass. I think rhythm skills come pretty quickly playing in bands and often people just sit down at a drum kit and already kinda know the basics because they’re watching their drummers play all the time. My advice is give it a go! You’ll probably find you pick it up pretty quickly. Drums is definitely an instrument that doesn’t need to be over-complicated.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start a band?

Don’t let the fact that you can’t currently play an instrument stop you. The internet is an amazing place to learn really any instrument without having any prior music knowledge. As long as you love music and have the passion and patience you can really do anything. And if you already play an instrument don’t assume no one wants to start a band. Everyone wants to start a band! IT’S THE BEST!

Name an album that helped you get through your teen years?

I would love to say it was something really fun and inspiring but I would have to say the self titled album by The Used. All the teen angst. I wish I knew that Sleater-Kinney existed back then, I definitely would have made some better outfit choices.

What are some of your favourite local bands?

Wow, there are so many. Shrimpwitch, Wet Lips, Cable Ties, RVG, Loobs, Hexdebt, Suss Cunts, Piss Factory, The Tropes, Porpoise Spit, Eat-Man, Muscle Mate, Crystal Myth, just to name a few. There are like a zillion more. We’re so lucky to have so many amazing people in so many amazing bands right now. Its a good time for music in Melbourne!

Favourite plant?

Probably Cactuses. Cacti? Cactuses. They are so weird and spiky. The weirder the better!

Cats or dogs or both?

Oooo thats tough. At my folks place they have three dogs and two cats who are all so lovely. Cats can be pretty grumpy but when they’re not they can give the best cuddles. But dogs are always happy and loooove hanging out… Ahh! Yep, I can’t choose, I love them both.

Thanks Laura!

Come see Laura play in Tragic Carpet on Sunday 21 January 2018 at the Old Bar for Don’t Forget that You’re Here Forever. Entry is $10 for 13 bands. It is going to be fun!

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