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Happy 2018! We hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday period. We have a lot planned for the year, including a release from GLOVV, as well as new artists joining the Identical Records family (to be announced shortly).

GLOVV are playing our first show of the year Don’t Forget You’re Here Forever at the Old Bar on 21 January 2018. There will be 13 bands in total, including pop punk duo Heat Wave, Tragic Carpet, Lappland, Plastic, Overtime, Anti-Violet, Tina Growls, Cakefight, Hot to Rot, Way Shit, Taylah Carroll and Wax Cactus. It starts at 2 pm and is ridiculously cheap at $10 for 13 bands (Glovv will be playing later on).

With GLOVV’s second album nearly finished, we are currently working on some new video clips for GLOVV. We thought what better excuse than to create a playlist of old GLOVV videos:

GLOVV - Running

Video clip by Mai Gryffydd. Track from GLOVV LP Reprisal. 

GLOVV - Summer

Video clip by Mai Gryffydd. Track from GLOVV’s debut LP  – Reprisal. 

GLOVV - Treading Water

Video clip by Mai Gryffydd. This video was made just after our drummer left and we decided to change our name from Hissey Miyake to Glow.

Hissey Miyake - Ghosts

Video clip by Mai Gryffydd. This was the single from our split seven inch with Terrible Truths.

Come see GLOVV perform on 21 January 2018 at the old bar.

Stationary Suns - Live in Hobart

For anyone interested, here are some clips of Stationary Suns performing live in Hobart on the 9th of December 2017, as part of the Hobart + Music =Yeah show.

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