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Chunyin is one of the artists reviewed on Diffcult Fun. Photograph by Ja Beel

Music reviews are a sensitive topic for most musicians. It is a strange experience to have your music reviewed. It can be virtually impossible to not take reviews personally, especially in the beginning or when they include overtly personal comments. Our opinion of music reviewers has been influenced by our own experiences – the typical white men with limited knowledge, especially about music, self-important non-musicians pursuing attention through an easier avenue than playing music itself.

We usually tend to avoid the topic and hence discussing them here is very unexpected for us. The reason is Difficult Fun – an online publication launched earlier this year focused on reviewing and discussing Australian music. Difficult Fun was started by Tiarney Miekus, a Melbourne-based writer, and member of No Sister (read her guitar profile here). They have a rotating roster of talented writers including Kimberley Thompson (swampland and Shrimp Witch) and Triana Hernandez (writer and film-maker).

We are really excited about this project and will be posting a more in-depth piece about Difficult Fun in the near future.

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