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The first Identical Records show of 2018 is finally happening, this Saturday 27 January. Its at the Old bar with our queercore punks Cystic Nightmare along with Shiny Coin, A+ and International Velvet. It is $10 entry with all proceeds being donated to the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance. As with all IR shows with a door charge, there is free entry for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Please enjoy this playlist Cystic Nightmare have made featuring some of their favourite local acts.

Miss Blanks - Haters

Cee: Sadly I haven’t yet had the chance to catch Miss Blanks, but I’ve heard her live performances are incredible. She’s also about to play at Laneway, and has been involved in a recent push to make the festival safer and (genuinely) more inclusive.

Waterfall Person- Everyday It's The Same Waterfall

Lei: Amazing song and film clip by my favourite pop star, Waterfall Person!!! She is the best, even goths like me love waterfall person!!

Geryon- Ghosts

Mai: This film clip by Alex Cuffe really emphasizes the lush and captivating qualities of Geryon’s music. Its an excellent collaboration.

Swim Team- Dirty Work

Lara: Lazertits and Swim Team are both great local gritty punk bands made up of femme powerhouses.

Lazertits- Crying at the Tote

Fun fact: the film clip for Crying at the Tote was filmed while our Melbourne Musicians Against Melbourne Cup fundraiser was happening. What a fun day!

Face Face - Crows

Cee: I love the unapologetic angst in this video. The combo of visuals/sound make me feel like I’ve been dropped into The OC (if it were set in Melbourne)

Various Asses- Hood Team

Lei: This song is from the IR Compilation and I listened to it on repeat for most of 2017. I love Raquel and Various Asses. She gets embarrassed when I tell her she is one of my mentors. But its true!!! You can buy the IR Compilation here!

The Curse- 90s Hair

Mai: This is another song off the IR Compilation and its just so lovely and happy. The Curse are no longer together but we look forward to seeing what the band members do in the future.

Kandere- BB Goy

Lei: Kandere are amazing. This is such a catchy song and a great clip.

Longterm Romance- Baby Bye Bye

Mai: This song is so catchy and it gets stuck in my head all the time! The film clip was made by the very brilliant Geoff O’Connor and its absolutely stunning. Longterm Romance have everything I look for in a band- tasteful shredding, interesting rhythms and moody yet sad vocals.

Denni- Wolves

Lara: Wolves is a collaboration of two amazing artists, Denni (on the beautiful vocals and lyrics)and Kuren (who produce the beautiful soundscape-y beat).

Darren Sylvester- Whirlwind

Mai: Darren is an incredible musician and artist. I’m really pleased his new album is coming out soon. Lei and I stared in a film clip of his a few years ago with our friend Laura Blue. It was so enjoyable! You can watch it here.

SPITE HOUSE - Live at NSC 01.07.13

Lei: Spite House are one of my all time favourite bands from recent years. Here is some rare footage of them performing live in 2013. I am so glad Christina is playing music again with B.C.

HEXDEBT - Bitch Rising

Cee: If you don’t like this song I don’t really know what to tell you. They play the kind of live set you feel like you could never get sick of.

Come and dance off the post-Invasion Day-protest blues with us this Saturday 27 January 2018 for just $10 with all proceeds being donated to Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance.


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