Glovv (pronounced Glow) is the revenge pop duo of Mai and Lei Gryffydd. It is the continuation of Hissey Miyake after the departure of drummer, Matt Jonas.

Since a young age, Mai and Lei have played various musical instruments. They eventually started writing songs together when they were 14 years of age. Mai and Lei have played in numerous projects (such as me | mu & meow, twin twin, on/off, acid casualty and more), but the core aspect of their bands has always been their songwriting partnership.

Glovv released their debut album, ‘Reprisal’ in December 2016 and are currently recording their second LP, ‘Free From You’ with Geoffrey O’Connor.

In March 2017, Glovv began performing with their backing singers – The Princes (Bianca Cornale, Cee Devlin and Lara Dickinson).

Band members

Mai Gryffydd – Vocals, Bass & Keyboard
Lei Gryffydd – Guitar, Keyboard, Drums & Vocals