Stationary Suns

The first Identical Records Compilation features fourteen Melbourne artists – V, Various Asses, Waterfall Person, Qwerty, Kt Spit, Pillow Pro, Bitumen, Crop Top. Wet Lips, The Curse, Pappy, Hi-Tec Emotions, Glovv, Stationary Suns. 







The launch for the first Identical Records compilation will be held on November 7, 2017 at the Tote. As it’s Melbourne Cup day, the show will be a joint launch and fundraiser for racehorses. Proceeds will be donated to the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses* (CPR) and a racehorse re-homing organisation (TBA).


Photo by Chloe Alexandra



There will be a raffle, vegan icecream and of course, our compilation tapes. The amazing line-up includes the following artists featured on the compilation – V, Stationary Suns, Qwerty, Bitumen, Kt Spit, Pillow Pro, and Crop Top. Together with True Radical Miracle, Summer Flake, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Geryon, Romy Vager (RVG) and Crystal Myth.

More details to come soon!!

Bitumen by Murray Coggan 





*Prior to starting Identical Records, Mai and Lei were fundraising and event management coordinators for CPR. Highlights of their time with CPR included the Pony Club (dj nights) and Trivia Nights.