Identical Records is a queer record label founded by non-binary musicians, Mai and Lei Gryffydd. Though they initially released the self titled Acid Casualty 7 inch in 2010, Identical Records was officially launched in 2016.

After many years as musicians within the Australian music scene, Mai and Lei were disillusioned with the lack of representation and support for musicians who were not white, heterosexual, cis-men. Their experiences, together with intersectional feminism, inspired the creation of Identical Records.

In October 2017, V joined as a Co-Director of Identical Records, alongside Mai and Lei Gryffydd.

Identical Records Team


Lei, Director

As business manager of Identical Records, Lei works towards executing the conceptions of creative collaborators, including those of Co-Directors, Mai and V and the label’s artists. Lei is a workaholic, they relax by making playlists and cuddling animals.


Mai, Director

Mai is Creative and Publicity Manager of Identical Records. They are an artist with a background in sculpture and video art. Mai enjoys spending time cuddling their cats and baking vegan cakes for friends.


V, Director

In her role as Artist Manager, V is focused on scouting, developing, and supporting artists. V also undertakes styling, creative management and artistic direction for the label. In her spare time, V draws, tattoos, and collects synths.

Mai, V, Alex and Lei

Alex, Administration and Design

Alex assists Identical Records with administration and design tasks. She is an artist and completed her BFA in print making at VCA.  Alex enjoys spending time with her adorable dog, Chico and hiking.